Hi! I'm Evie.



When I was in 4th grade, I dreamt of growing up and becoming a photographer. I also wanted to live in Beverly Hills and raise horses, but while those dreams faded, this one stuck! 

Photo courtesy of Ali Brassel Photography

I’m an extrovert with the heart of a creative. Oh, and I love people. Like, A lot. It’s my favorite thing to listen to others share about themselves. Wanna grab coffee and tell me your life story? I’m totally down! (Except for the coffee part— I’m exclusively a sparkling water kinda gal). And just as much as a love people, I love to be creative, so capturing people’s stories on film comes pretty naturally. And that’s what I do: capture stories. I’m not about strict, stagnant poses or traditional portraits. I love movement and expression that captures you, your loved ones, and what you’re feeling in this moment. 

I’m playful, sincere, and perpetually light-hearted, and these themes emerge in my photos. I edit in a way that highlights my client’s affection for each other with medium contrast, rich colors, and deep blacks. 

Shooting with me is just hanging out with a friend. We’ll build a rapport so that you feel natural and comfortable in front of my lens, and walk away feeling gorgeous. Oh, and did I mention that I’m an extrovert? So I like to talk. That means we’ll communicate— before, during, after your shoot. I’m never hard to reach!

I wanna hear your story, and even more, I want to capture it— so let’s connect!