Every day is an event worth capturing!

Graduating? Have a Baptism or another Sacrament approaching? These big milestones are beautiful memories to document on film. I love working with you to commemorate these special moments.

But don't let Instagram fool you-- you don’t have to wait for a "milestone" moment to have a fun little photo sesh. The best photos capture real moments: our memories, our emotions, our fashion missteps, our LIFE. Why wait for a traditional milestone to document this special life you have?

Got a dog? Have a shoot! Love how you decorated your living room this year for Christmas? Have a shoot! My favorite photos in my collection include some super cute #OOTD from my grandparents (back before it was even cool!) I hope you consider giving your grandchildren these special treasures--little captured moments in time that remind them exactly of who you are: intentional, life-loving, never taking a moment for granted. 

Below are some snapshots of special moments I've captured. I hope we can add your special moment to the list!

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